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A great deal on Groupon led me to actually see 21 Jump Street in theaters.  It turned out to have quite a few funny scenes.  One of those great moments played repeatedly in the trailer.  It’s when Jonah Hill’s character runs into a relative while undercover with a group  of high school drug dealers.  He only […]

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2012 At The Movies: Can I Just Sleep Here?

You miiiight have heard that this week Hollywood will take its largest swing ever at the comic book genre with the release of Marvel Studio’s superhero smorgasbord, The Avengers, under the direction of geek god Joss Whedon – who already blew away audiences and genres with Cabin in the Woods just a couple WEEKS ago. […]

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A ‘House’ Call On Marketers

SO COMPELLING. SO RIVETING. We’ve all seen FOX’s campaign of simply assigning adjectives to all their advertising preceded by the word “SO.”  I recently caught one of these strange word jumbles for House’s finale season. You know the ones: They hit us with their case of why this will be the most shocking House episode yet […]

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‘Veep’ Series Premiere Review

HBO’s newest pseudo-comedy, Veep, premiered on HBO last night and left a little to be desired. The show revolves around Selina Meyer, the candid, foul-mouthed, fictional Vice President of the United States played with ease by the uber-talented, uber-loveable Julia Louis-Dreyfes. Unfortunately, the pilot’s strength revolved solely around the prized asset that is JLD, as […]

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The Eight Greatest TV Detectives

I crushed another show via Netflix last week: AMC’s The Killing. And after watching the premiere I can say that Det. Holder is my favorite character on the show. Relative unknown Joel Kinnaman is perfectly cast and plays the recovering meth junkie (he got hooked undercover while working vice) cop with the perfect mixture of […]

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The ABC’s (and NBC’s) Of Comedy

Wednesday night I watched ABC’s comedy block of the Middle, Suburgatory, Modern Family and Happy Endings, and last night NBC’s “Must See T-“ Oh, excuse me, “Comedy Night Done Right!” of Community, The Office, 30 Rock and Up All Night.  Despite this being an off week of programming- mostly reruns and no shows of the […]

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