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A great deal on Groupon led me to actually see 21 Jump Street in theaters.  It turned out to have quite a few funny scenes.  One of those great moments played repeatedly in the trailer.  It’s when Jonah Hill’s character runs into a relative while undercover with a group  of high school drug dealers.  He only […]

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In The Bagg’s New Look

If you are a frequent visitor, which we appreciate greatly, you will probably notice our new look.  Don’t be alarmed, we are still the same, ridiculously amazing In The Bagg experience, just now with bells and whistles.  Hopefully the look and functionality of the site will be much improved but we are always willing to […]

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The Problem with Today’s Nicknames

We are currently suffering from a drought of good sports star nicknames.  Between the first name initial + first surname syllable epidemic (D Wade, A Rod(s), etc.) and the even more detestable both initials with the possibility of the number (RG3, CP3 er um 4, etc.) there’s not much good naming out there.  The only […]

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