The Baggpod 4/17/2013: To Stumps and Punk Covers

Baggs, JoeDog, and JimmTV discuss the delightful humor of the latest Game of Thrones episode “Walk of Punishment” and try and decide whether the Kingslayer will get a CGI stump or the prosthetic club.  Then they discuss the movies that they are excited for (at least kind of) for the upcoming summer blockbuster season.

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The Baggpod 5/22/2012: Playing the Game

Baggs, JimmyTV, JoeDog and AlainP discuss the actual playing of the game of thrones, how/if the allotted time to Robb Stark’s romance could have been better spent, and get excited for everything to pop off.  After JimmyTV loses the game, the other three talk about Mad Men and the possibility of Don needing to flirt […]

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