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Hello/Goodbye My Little Babies

With three bedrooms for only two people, I carved out a nice office space. My DVDs were proudly displayed, alphabetized by director. My computer’s second monitor was a 42″ plasma. Surround sound and black-out curtains created a cocoon in which I could insulate myself from the throes of pending adulthood. Pending gives way to irrevocable. […]

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Survival at its Fittest: Exploring the Current Post-Apocalyptic Trend

We have made quick transitions between trends in the 21st century, from savior fantasy in Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings (if you don’t think this was a trend I point you to Reign of Fire) to anything vampire (from melodramatic Twilight to melodramatic True Blood to melodramatic Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter…I’m sensing a […]

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A great deal on Groupon led me to actually see 21 Jump Street in theaters.  It turned out to have quite a few funny scenes.  One of those great moments played repeatedly in the trailer.  It’s when Jonah Hill’s character runs into a relative while undercover with a group  of high school drug dealers.  He only […]

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