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If your idea of a workout is hitting ‘square’ and pushing your thumbs in all directions this is the place for you.


Survival at its Fittest: Exploring the Current Post-Apocalyptic Trend

We have made quick transitions between trends in the 21st century, from savior fantasy in Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings (if you don’t think this was a trend I point you to Reign of Fire) to anything vampire (from melodramatic Twilight to melodramatic True Blood to melodramatic Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter…I’m sensing a […]

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Right Stick Reticle, Right Shoulder 1, Repeat

A serious epidemic has befallen the land of gaming and it has to stop.  Almost every computer/video game that isn’t based on sports (unless it is the Winter Olympics, damn you biathlon), strictly puzzle solving (think Tetris), or old school RPG (although it is slowly being overrun) has some element of picking up a gun […]

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