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Les Misérables, A Brief History

Les Miserables has been written and constantly rewritten from novel to musical to film, now for the second time. Everybody is getting anxious for the premier of the new Les Mis movie, which comes out in theaters on December 25th. You may ask why everybody is excited, for there have been many movies made in […]

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Survival at its Fittest: Exploring the Current Post-Apocalyptic Trend

We have made quick transitions between trends in the 21st century, from savior fantasy in Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings (if you don’t think this was a trend I point you to Reign of Fire) to anything vampire (from melodramatic Twilight to melodramatic True Blood to melodramatic Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter…I’m sensing a […]

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7 Insanely Improbable Sequels

Every time you watch a movie sequel there’s a certain factor of “Really? This is happening to these guys AGAIN?” As someone with a bizarre affection for sequels, I’m willing to suspend my disbelief a second, third -probably not 4th- time in a row to enjoy all the Back In The Habit action. Even Spider-Man […]

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On Action

Working within the framework of the lengthy Baggpod (I have to admit, I haven’t yet attentively listened to the entire thing) and the posting of the lists, I’d like to offer a few comments / observations. Can you reasonably extricate sci-fi from action? I would say it’s not possible (or more pertinent to our discussion, […]

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ITB Choice Cuts: 90s Action Movies

It all started with a Friday email chain that ramped up with such ferocity that a challenge was proffered to name your Top 5 90s Action Movies.  After lengthy debates JKrengel, AlainP, JimmyTV, and Baggs have come up with their lists.  So come celebrate the days of yore when Bruce Willis still had hair, Keanu […]

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2012 At The Movies: Can I Just Sleep Here?

You miiiight have heard that this week Hollywood will take its largest swing ever at the comic book genre with the release of Marvel Studio’s superhero smorgasbord, The Avengers, under the direction of geek god Joss Whedon – who already blew away audiences and genres with Cabin in the Woods just a couple WEEKS ago. […]

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