Boob Tube in Review: 5/7 – 5/13

Still nothing for Mondays.

New Girl – “Besides the fact that you just responded to our craigslist ad with a fax”. “There’s a corpse in your room?” Nicks mix of Breakfast at Tiffanys and How Bizarre is fantastic (and Mmm mmm mmm mmm)
Glee – Brittney is pretty funny, she is having a lot of awesome lines. Dinosaur songs? Everybody Walk the Dinosaur please? I didn’t realize this, but I suppose them failing Puck would open the door to bringing him back next season. Dinosaur prom theme is pretty sweet. Beckys bag of condoms was awesome. and BOOM, there it is in the background, only for a few seconds though, definitely a blown opportunity with walk the dinosaur. Principle Figgins is awesome, he needs to be written in the show more. HAHAHAHAHAHAH theyre doing the Top Gun song!!!! HELL YES. (Take my Breath Away) Coincidentally, that song is in a book of trumpet solos that I used to jam out too some, it always confused me as to why it was in that book.

Modern Family – “I’d like to have that option.” This show is so terrifically written. Dylans back also, nice.
ABDC – Pauly D as a guest DJ…. not really sure what that means. Fanny Pak revelead to be in bottom 3. 8 Flavahz starting us off, holy hell that one girl had a helluva handstand, dang that was really good. MOS wanted absolutely crushed it. Electrolytes were solid as usual, them and MOS are legite. That was probably Collisions best performance, but they are still obviously not at the top level. RNG is definitely the crew that bridges the gap and is capable of being in the top tier. Great performance by Fanny Pak too, same deal as Collision though.
Performance Rankings: MOS Wanted Crew, RNG, Electrolytes, 8 Flavahs, Fanny Pak, Collision Crew(gonged)

Community – Abed flipping out about Tower Heist was awesome. Liked the format enabling them to show a bunch of vignettes, Chang tazzing his balls twice takes the cake.
The Office – I don’t understand why people are always hating on the show without Carrell, I really do enjoy it even more. Great cold opening. “Oh how the mediocre have fallen.” I like how Mos even dressed like Dwight.
Parks and Rec – Jean Ralphio…. FUCK yeah. Great episode, great show.
Awake – (Cancelled) I’m actually a lot more pissed about this being cancelled then I ever thought. After tonight it looks like we are going to get 2 episodes on May 17. They have created a really interesting dynamic with the GF in the non son world. Bird with some sweet facial hair, mustache and soul patch combo.

Fringe – Season finale, and they usually have a big time here, such as Jones going down last episode. Bellies comb over shooting Astrid was pretty shocking though, but it looks like shes fine. nice, Mader’s a badass, hopefully an established bad guy, haha I guess not. Man, that thing with Mader’s eyes is freaky as hell. Nice, Nina Sharp working in Fringe division next season.

Avatar: The Legend of Korra – Interesting that they are playing through this entire professional bending arc right now. The announcer getting shocked was good fun.

Don’t Trust the B got fucking renewed? Are you fucking kidding me?

Coming next season
Nashville(abc) – Connie Britton plays a country music star at her peak and teams with Hayden Panettiere who is coming into her own music career. Also stars Powers Boothe. I’ve loved Powers ever since Tombstone, with my enjoyment of Friday Night Lights (Britton) and Heroes (Hayden), I’ll definitely be giving this a shot. Here’s a list of other new shows coming to ABC.  I’ll probably check out Last Resort because I like Autumn Reeser, although the plot sounds like a doozy. Same with 666 Park Ave and Terry Quinn. This show obviously got a shot because of the success of American Horror Story.  How to Live With Your Parents has quite possibly the worst cast ever (for me).

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11 years ago

i die a little inside wheneveri see that stretched out artwork