The Baggpod SE 5/15/2012: Defining Action Movies

Baggs, JimmyTV, AlainP, and JKrengel hash out some criteria for what should be called an action movie and what makes a good action movie.  This is all leading up to each contributor’s list of Top 5 ’90s Action Movies, which will be posted on Wednesday, May 17th.

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[…] up with such ferocity that a challenge was proffered to name your Top 5 90s Action Movies.  After lengthy debates JKrengel, AlainP, JimmyTV, and Baggs have come up with their lists.  So come celebrate the days of […]


[…] within the framework of the lengthy Baggpod (I have to admit, I haven’t yet attentively listened to the entire thing) and the posting of the […]