The Baggpod 4/17/12 – Caught in the Middle

Baggs, JimmyTV, and U-Gene, filling in for the absent JoeDog and Alain, discuss this week’s Game of Thrones and Mad Men episodes.  Lots of wayward souls, lots of conniving, and now with more fighting!

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12 years ago

Y’all really drank your haterade before this pod when it comes to the ladies… Here are my thoughts on GoT:
>>Love the white walker theme music.. not specific to this episode, but they played it when Snow was talking about them
>>Bran looks so fucking goofy. It’s a shame what puberty can do to a child.
>>Loras also absurd with that bushy-top. Margy, what big EYES you have. Some really lame cheapshots among Loras / Brienne / Cat.
>>Brienne is ONE HUGE BITCH. They must have busted out some of that forced perspective I was talking about. Only it didn’t make any sense since she seemed normal-sized in combat. She was also really wooden in combat (not like a Bravosi, for instance).
>>Life on the Iron Islands SUCKS for everyone involved. Theon’s defiance/questioning of his father was excellent. I thought Yara was perfect as well. I’m not really sure what you all are expecting her to be doing in these scenes. I think she oozes contempt for Theon.
>>Same with Shay.. you guys are saying she’s complaining too much or something like that, right? Well what would you expect for a top-shelf wooh-ha ( )?? I think the friction between Tyrion and Shay makes sense, and plays well. But isn’t Shay suppose to be Lollys’ handmaiden???? WHERE IS LOLLYS?
>>Sansa’s life blooows.
>>Tyrion’s big scene with the three councilmen was well done. Littlefinger’s voice is getting more erratic.
>>Yoren really didn’t take shit off anyone. The scene shared with Arya was a great addition.
>>No Robb, Dany, Stannis/Davos, Ros, or Joff!?
As for Mad Men… I’m not sure I could have enjoyed it much more. Fuck Pete Campbell and fuck his smug ass.