The Baggpod 5/1/2012 – The Maturation of Arya and Sally

Baggs, JimmyTV, and AlainP are on the usual grind without JoeDog.  Topics include assassinating shadows; a scenic trip north of The Wall; and the maturing Arya, Sally, and Megan.

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12 years ago

on GoT:
Before the episode begins you always get that HBO content advisory… this week N (for nudity) was NOT listed. That’s a REAL downer. Especially when you know one of Dany’s boobs is suppose to be popin’ OUT in Qarth (thanks to the traditional garb). 
Renly’s death scene was okay. In one of the pop-up vids hbogo they kept talking about how they were gonna shoot the assassination in a long take with no cuts. The final product had cuts. It’s much more startling in the book because we don’t see the birth of the StannisShadow… that part comes later for another death (which will probably be cut out of the tv show).
I have completely given up on Littlefinger’s voice and will no longer comment on it. I’m really enjoying Margaery’s character development. GRRM really takes some heat for creating boring ladies, but the fairer sex is starting to take over the show. I don’t mind it in the least. I agree that Cersei seems to have lost her edge, but I think it makes sense. She really has no power now that Joff has turned on her. She is hating life and drinking as much as Peggy in Mad Men. I enjoyed Tyrion’s line about schemes and plots being the same thing. I’ve missed wise-ass Tyrion. Treating with Lancel in that little litter was hilarious as well.
The guy playing Stannis is awesome. The girl playing Arya is awesome. The guy playing Pyat Pree is turrifying. RacOsha is too much. It has become obvious that the Reeds will not be appearing in the TV series. Their roles will be filled by Osha and Rickon (with Osha doing most of the heavy lifting).
We can’t be too far away from Lolly’s big scene.
And finally a few reax to your thoughts on Mad Men. I LOVE creepy old Glen. I am not nearly as interested in much less creepy new Glen. There’s always that creepy guy in the neighborhood. But it is a bit of a stretch that Sally doesn’t have any other friends. Sally’s arc is very interesting in contrast to Don’s. Don is trying to stay young. Sally longs to be more mature.
Megan and Peggy’s chat about the Heinz success was terrific and very layered. They were clearly each having their own conversation… Peggy giving her best atta-boy speech and Megan wondering if this is “the best the job gets” if it’s something she really wants to be involved in.

12 years ago
Reply to  JoeDog_ITB

 @JoeDog_ITB But seriously, when are we going to get some sweet sweet Lollys?