Boob Tube in Review: 4/16–4/22

Trying to find something I’d like to watch here. Nothing tickles my fancy. Any recommendations?

New Girl – I like Cece a lot, and its not just because shes smoking hot. And Schmidt is amazing. They are amazing. “We could have a russian nesting doll situation”. “She doesn’t even know what Netscape is.”
Glee – Schuester having a diorama was perfect, that guy is a massive tool. Why do all of the Glee kids HAVE to be outcast stereotypes? Can we get one normal person? I like the Disco idea though, also like the hippy christian. Finn with the fake out.
Modern Family – “Walt’s dead, you look like the joker.” I love Ty Burrell. Good episode, I would have liked to have seen a little more of the Haley/Manny party scene.
South Park – Hahahahaha ropes courses are lame, went to one in Costa Rica, complete waste of time. hahaha “fresh nar nar”. Like the mocumentary style also.
the B – the two girls are annoying. I like the perv in the apartment next door who was in the Comedy Central show Secret Girlfriend. James van der Beek is also good as “himself”. Asian girl down the hall gets a yikes.
ABDC, Americas Best Dance Crew – I didn’t really enjoy the Electrolytes. Not the highest degree of difficulty from Rated Next Generation. Collision Crew was solid. Funkdation Crew has some sweet warm ups but that was it. Most Wanted Crew was pretty good. The Meh-heicans were good.
Community – The Dean is awesome. I love when Abed acts like other people.
The Office – God Dwight is amazing. I like Nellies character, but it would be nice if they wrapped up her story arc. YES!!!! CRAZY ANDY IS BACK!
Parks and Rec – i would watch an entire episode of just nick offerman and rob lowe.
Awake – Give us the gd tennis instructor. I would like to see some progress made on the overlying plots.

Fringe – This is interesting, got some futuristic shit giong on with the observers having taken over the world. Got a new girl that “can’t be read”. Desmond from Lost looks like shit, and acts like it, no wonder he isn’t in anything else. “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for”, nice Walter. An interesting arc, but next weeks episode has nothing to do with it. WTF?

Big announcement this week coming out of Netflix-land. Next year the red envelope deliverers will release the new season of Arrested Development in one lump sum. As the famous New York Jet Bart Scott once said:

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