Boob Tube in Review: 4/30 – 5/6

Still trying to find something I’d like to watch here. Nothing tickles my fancy. Any recommendations?

New Girl – This show is so good, I don’t want to watch it. Having an unwatched episode of Schmidty goodness on your DVR might be the best thing ever (kind of like 9pm on Sunday nights). “Am I secretly a Cylon?” BSG reference, LOVE IT!! Nick with long hair and a beard was AWESOME. “Be nicer to Coach, or hes going to take off and live with a bunch of other white people”, great line. Coach was played by little Damon Wayans Jr., who did the pilot for this before Happy Endings got picked back up.
Glee – They really go out of their way to push things over the top. It’s way to much, I’m invested enough that I will certainly finish this season… but next? Starting to look a little in doubt. Couple of good lines in the locker room about Puck. I did really enjoy them using the song from Chicago interlaced with the Beiste scene.

Modern Family – Kevin Hart is back. Actress playing Lily is adorbs. “Yeah we wouldn’t have been friends back then.” Andre(Kevin Hart) is great, they should bring him around more.
ABDC – start by announcing two crews that are safe, the first being MOS wanted crew, the other being RNG. I would have had RNG and Collizion in the bottom two, so thats a surpise. Like RNG’s reversing idea… and they pulled it off, that was fucking sweet. MOS reminds me alot of a really advanced marching band, tons and tons of constant movement. Step Boys in the bottom 2. 8 flavahs, thing with the jackets was sweet. The fact that JC is far and away the best judge leaves much to be desired. Collisions car thing was ok, the helicopter was sweet though. Chris coming back for Electrolytes. The first floating thing was kinda cool, theyre awesome all around though. Fanny Pak has 4 new members? What? I don’t get it, oh from season 2, so they aren’t really new members. Fanny Pak, not bad, not good. Gregory’s mustache is AMAZING, teddy bear thing was A DELIGHT.
Performance Rankings: Electrolytes, MOS Wanted Crew, 8 Flavahs, RNG, Step Boys(eliminated), Collision Crew, Fanny Pak

Community – So they did indeed kill starburns. YES! Jim Rash and Ken Jeong! Dean’s “Come On Eileen” was excellent. “You guys were the one that drew it”.
The Office – gabe has a sweet bowl cut. “No Jim… in the butt”. Frank Sobotka in the house! Didn’t we already do this with the Michael Scott Paper Company? Gabe with another good line. “I’m the fucking lizard king.”
Parks and Rec – A storm warning blocked off the intro, I hope it wasn’t important. God Rob Lowe is fantastic. Mike GUTS O’Malley with a cameo.
Awake – ok, the previously on the show hints they may make progress on the overlaying plot. The actress playing the cheif is really not good, neither is the heroin dealer. Old people playing xbox, Classic. Good episode, a little movement forward, looks like we will be making major progress next week, dig it. Why do I love Wilmer Valderama so much?

Fringe – 2 part season finale yall! They will do some Sprint product placement. Charlotte from Lost, nice. The old nano’s, of course. Walter’s, “That’s what I just said quip” was good. The new administrator at the mental institute is a hottie. Damn Astrid. Leonard Nimoy’s comb over is ridiculous.

Avatar: The Legend of Korra – I like how instead of doing a “previously on” they run it like a news clip. The animation really does look great in HD. The kids are awesome. Korra got SHUT DOWN worse then my boys at 3 on Saturday nights. hahaha poor bolin.

May sweeps can only mean one thing….. the GLORIOUS return of summer tv. Here are shows I will almost certainly be watching: True Blood(i don’t think its any kind of good, especially Paquin), The Newsroom, Louie, Rookie Blue(see True Blood), Workaholics, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, America Ninja Warrior

Shows I’d like to watch but need to catch up on: Falling Skies, Breaking Bad, Louie, Suits

Shows I used to watch and enjoy but have really fallen off: Burn Notice, Royal Pains

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