Boob Tube in Review: 3/5-3/12

Alcatraz – the novelty has worn off. Sam Neill and Hurley are annoying. There’s no real mystery, why bother watching? One reason to watch, Nikki, the cadaver person, is a smokeshow. Unfortunately she is not a regular. On the verge of not watching this anymore.

Justified – so far this season has been a let down from last year’s unbelievably good second season (received 4 acting nominations from the Emmy department). Unfortunately one of those characters is dead, and the other, the vastly underrated Jeremy Davies, is in jail. I haven’t been as impressed with Walton Goggins this season either. Two characters I really enjoy, both of whom are starting to get more play this season, are Deputy Tim Gutterson who is an excellent foil to Olyphant’s Raylan Givens, and also the wheelchair bound Johnny Crowder. The Limehouse character is terribly acted and written. Fun fact on Olphant you probably didn’t know, he was actually a really really good swimmer, he was a Short Course National finalist one year, and swam at USC. They were runners up 3 of the 4 years he was on the team.
Happy Endings – Cuthbert in a bra! Damon Wayans Jr. is hilarious. As is Eliza Coupe who you may recognize from Scrubs. Every other character is really annoying. I’m a little suprised I’m still watching this.

The Office – The show can exsist without Steve Carell, it can’t exist without Rainn Wilson.
Awake – I was really upset with his partner (the one that isn’t Wilmer) because Isaacs wanted to question a dude who was acting pretty squirrelly. I mean, why the hell wouldn’t he question him? Noticed the filters in the therapist scenes. Oh great. the captain in one world is corrupt. sweet. If this show is intentionally trying to get me confused on which world is which whenever the wife or son aren’t in the shot, well then, mission accomplished. WTF…. Where was the hot tennis instructor?!?!?
Parks and Rec – God I love Jerry. RON’S BACK WITH THE RED SHIRT!

Spartacus – seems like they go out of their way alot to make it historically grammatically correct. Obviously they are building to the start of the Third Servile War, it’ll be interesting to see if they kill off Glaber this season.


Due to conflicts with The Baggpod Sunday TV will be added sparingly.

If anyone was curious, the best daily sports show is Dan LeBatard is Highly Questionable. It generally comes on at 4:30 on the Deuce (otherwise known as ESPN 2).  Check it out.

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