Boob Tube in Review: 3/26-4/1

I’ve lately started watching a crap ton of Battlestar Galactica, so look for me to toss in my two cents on that series. I also recently purchased Skyrim, so if I never post again, it’s because I took an arrow in the knee.

Alcatraz – look for a season one wrap up later this week

Justified – God this show is awesome, the drug dealer Quarles went after was awesome. I’d be ok if they killed off Deputy Brooks. Michael Ironside with a cameo, nice. Couple of more episodes this season, it’s setting up nicely. I also really enjoy the Chief Deputy played by Nick Searcy. This episode is amazing, great cast.

South Park – God South Park is amazing. The “old” footage of people tebowing was fantastic.
Modern Family – no new.
Happy Endings – The waitress from Always Sunny keeps popping up. I saw her in New Girl too. She’s not bad.I really enjoy Damon Wayans and his wifey.

The Office –
COMMUNITY – The main cast is solid. That being said, Ken Jeong and Jim Rash are hilarious and take the show to another level.
Awake – man the wifey, Laura Allen, is a terrible actress. Good god, where does Jason Isaacs go on his runs? I never thought I’d say this, but BD Wong and Wilmer Valderama are under utilized. I’m digging Jason Isaacs though, he definitely makes the show.

Spartacus – The biggest question going into this season was how Liam McIntyre would replace Andy Whitfield. Well, he’s obviously not a better actor. Fortunately for Liam, the show has never been lauded for its acting so he gets along fine. Ilythia pulling a fast one on Seppia was pretty sweet. I’m going to go ahead and assume Ashur didn’t survive that one, which is a bit of a shame as he is probably the most charsmatic person on the the show. Hahahaha my god that baby as fake looking. They really go into the unneccesary when it comes to how they kill people off. In an awesome way. Word is they already cast a Julius Caeser character for next season, which should be the last of Sparticus.
Fringe – I like the initial premise, I believe the start of the episode was from season 1. I don’t remember to much more then that. And instead of turning into a Porcupine he’s able to recover, at leasat temporarily. Yes!! so instead of the mutant dying in the plane crash now it’s going to be running around! Sike, it’s already dead, thats a little disappointing. The red haired vampire from True Blood with a cameo. Another show, like Justified, where all the characters are fascinating and relatable. It would have been interesting to see dunham kicked out of Fringe division.

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