Boob Tube in Review: 4/23 – 4/28

Trying to find something I’d like to watch here. Nothing tickles my fancy. Any recommendations?

New Girl – Hahaha Nick is hilarious. God, so is Schmitt. Winston is almost as bad as Jess in this episode. The Russian model likes Tosh 2.0 and David Fincher, classic. “No, but it is not pleasant”. Schmitt really is fantastically written and performed.
Glee – ugh, i really don’t like whitney houston. why is the hippie christian the only normal person on the show? Did they have to make him a long greasy dreaded hippie christian to counteract his normalness? An actually very interesting spiritual conversation between hippie and the blonde guy. Why do I not know their names? Chad? Chris? Something like that. Nice one liner from Brit there “cheaters are the fastest land animal”. No Jane Lynch yet, thats never good.
Modern Family – no new episode
South Park – Butters starting the episode? FUCK YEAH! Hahahaha cartman, “you guys would be really cute together”. YES!!!!! Mr Garrison giving a lesson on Westeros vs Ancient Greek and Rome. I love how the animation for the show has progressed in showing perspective, like the lines and shadowing when Cartman leaned back. Cartman was spying on the girls is a great touch. Cartman being gay? This could be phenomenol. Oh my God I love it when Cartman giggles. Cartman has got to be building this up just to break them up right? Hahaha I’m enjoying this way to much. HOLY SHIT, and some Between 2 ferns on Comedy Central? Fuck yeah! (that was a completely unrelated to South Park note) Who asked Kyle to the BBall game though? “every gay beat of my heart”, matt and trey really crush some original songs.
the B – Chloe’s gotta have an STD. Couldn’t get through 5 minutes. This is done.
ABDC – I wish Mario Lopez could narrate my life, especially with those witty one liners after the groups perform. Lopez drops a bomb on the Crews to start, 2 will be voted off. No shit, there are 9 fucking groups. Interesting, 2 members of Fanny Pak are actual professionals, I’m not sure if they have ever really mentioned people who have worked on tours before. Chris still out for the Electrolytes, and called out Kyle. The hat move was awesome, the Electrolytes are awesome. Mos Wanted had a couple great moves also, the clock effect thing, then the kind of freeze tag thing. 8 Flavahs, the youngsters from Hawaii are good, but shouldn’t win, also, some of them look like midgets. Rated Next Generation are the high schoolers, didn’t think they were convincing as being sexy. Gregory’s (Step Boys) curled mustachio is sublime, not a great performance. If Collizion Crew can work in the line dancing, this will be sweet. Not bad, but it was a wasted oppurtunity, I think a good choreographer would have been able to do something really cool with that. Funkdation, the meeheicans, seem like a RNG lite, they don’t do any one thing really well. Irratik, the ladies from Canada, were ok. “Pushed over the borderline”, a hilarious line from Lopez considering of the three groups in the elimination round, one crew is Canadian and one is Mexican. Irratik and Funkdation got the boot.
My Performance Rankings: Mos Wanted Crew, Electrolytes, 8 Flavahs, Fanny Pak, Step Boys, Rated Next Generation(doesn’t seem like they have a high ceiling), Irratik, Collizion Crew, Funkdation

Community – haven’t been a huge fan of the past couple episodes, hopefully that changes. hahaha off to a good start with the Law and Order opening, and we have the return of Omar. I love when they blow off Britta. Fuck yeah, Michael Ironside. Pretty good ep.
The Office – “You don’t like The Beatles!” So Andy is officially fired. Kevin is terrific, I always have the mental image of him doing the kool-aid man face thing. Oscars got some game. “Oh this guys having a mental breakdown”. Yes! a little David Wallace.
Parks and Rec – “With Dr. Douche and Professor Taint” helluva radio station. Andy is hilarious. Paul Rudd is excellent in the show.
Awake – BOWL GAME!! “OCEAN OF ALCOHOL!!” Oh Shit, its the Dharma Iniative guy from Lost.  Britten explains that every game could be different in the other world.  Valderama yelling at him about the game was hilarious. There might be other girls for Rex, but definitely not as hot as the old one. ‘Rama talking to Britten about a going away party was hilarious. Emma, the ex-gf, is adorably cute. What happened to the driver instructor in that scene? He just disappeared. HAHAHAHA, Rex got her pregnant?!? Nice. Oh shit, other world Emma is Preggers for real! (the one in the Rex world miscarried or something) I like the twist with the pregnancy, still no tennis coach, still no furthering of the seasonal story arc. 4 more episodes, I do dig the show, not having the wifey in this episode helped a lot.

Fringe – Nick Lane is back! Red-headed Olivia is awesome. I guess Anna Torv deserves some credit for that.

Avatar: The Legend of Korra – transition with the old timey music was awesome… oh shit! The girl that hit Mako with her car is a HOTTIE!!! Asami? OW-OW!… Gotta be a set up. It needs to be noted that we never have seen Amons face. I love Tenzins kids. Mako got suited up. This girls voice sounds familiar, and god damn if those green eyes aren’t mesmerizing. holy shit, I’d recognize Jin’s voice anywhere(Daniel Dae-Kim of Lost fame, voices the Ford Model-T owner) his daughter, Asami, is voiced by Seychelle Gabriel, who was Young Sand Saref in the little seen but deliciously entertaining, The Spirit (I might add, that while her acting might not have been great you couldn’t take your eyes off her. Also, it was painfully obvious they made a white person look latin). She was also Princess Yue in M. Night’s Avatar: The Last Airbender (wish we could make that disappear). Awwww, Korra’s jealous of Asami. Korra got played like a chump by Councilman Tarrlok, who is mad fishy. Even Gabrielle’s voice acting is wooden. It is important to note, that while they made Korra attractive and femine, she does have more masculine features, as opposed to Asami, who is ultra feminine. I’m a little worried that they have made Mako and Bolin copies of Zuko and Sokka from the Avatar 1.  There will be more on this later in the week.

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