The Baggpod 4/24/2012 – Great Moments In Hookup History

The posse is reunited as JimmyTV and JoeDog pod where it all began and Alain joins us from Knoxville’s wondrous Sunsphere, most likely to check out the Wod Fir.  The boys do the typical GoT jazz (Joffrey has some…interesting perversions) and discuss the craziness of a drug-influenced Mad Men.

There’s no reason to start this video before 1:53 or continue watching after Joe’s epic song drop ends.

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11 years ago

they all said it’d be greeeaat,
they all said you’d be cooooooool,
is this all that you thought’d would beeeeeeeeee?
cause now you seeeeeeee, now you see who’s the foooooooool.
what you see is what you get,
so you better make sure that it’s heaven sent,
all of the things that you see and hear will come baaack toooo yoooou,
so be careful what you choooooose,
there’s some things you’ll never loooooose,
you stick it in your miiiiiiiind,
it’s gonna stay gonna stay gonna stay right there in your heeeaaart.
ooooooooooooooooooohhhh, right there in your heeeeaaart.
sooner or later it’s a matter of faaaaact,
what you see is how you’ll aaaact,
even if it don’t ???? from you it will come baaack toooo yooooou