Boob Tube in Review: 3/12-3/18

Alcatraz – no new episode but I’ll probably finish the season out.

Justified – Johnny Crowder walks! Glad to see him out of the chair. Ava Crowder getting more play. A little upset they seem to be cutting down into Winona’s screen time (Natalie Zea), I had finally started liking her a bit. I think I read a rumor that she was looking into another pilot (Kevin Williason’s pilot for Fox), also looks like shes doing a couple of movies. I’ll be very happy when Limehouse’s arc is done. Hopefully that’ll end this season, then Boyd can be back in the main villain role next season. Smart enough to make bomb maker go first, not smart enough to let him go get the box?

South Park – Oh my god Butters is fantastic.
Modern Family – Fizbo!! It amazes me how good and funny all the story lines are. The writers do a great job balancing the cast and give them all good material to work with.
Happy Endings – I think that’s the first episode when all 6 of them have basically been entirely together the whole time. I certainly can’t remember any other comedic shows doing or trying that.
The Office – I really only want to watch Dwight, thus tonights episode wasn’t great. I also really enjoyed original insane Andy.
COMMUNITY – LOVE that this is back. Ken Jeong and Chevy Chase really make this show for me, I’m glad big, and relatively big, actors do tv shows. Specifically to this episode, Annie is adorable. Shirley’s “sexy voice”…. yikes. Troy and Abed being normal, so good good.
Awake – Ask and ye shall receive, the tennis coach (Tara) is back! Tara’s eyes are already starting to linger on Jason Isaacs bow chicka wow-wow. The son had his big monologue on the way to the game. By no means a home run, but at least he got on base, the wifey would have struck out looking and managed to trip over her jock strap on the way back to the dugout.

Spartacus – Ashur and his clan really went medievel while questioning some people. building up to a solid last two episodes this season

JimmyTV tuning out (see what I did there?)

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12 years ago

I’m glad I wasn’t the only one that was fooled into thinking that there was no new episode of Alcatraz. Check hulu.. there was. I figured my DVR was broken, but maybe it was tagged as a re-run since it’s air date was screwed up by the Daytona 500 broadcast.

I agree that the show is not good, but I think Hurley is far and away the best actor on the show. He’s got some turrible dialogue, but that’s not his fault.