MLB Predictions ala Will

Over the years, I’ve realized that predicting the outcome of a baseball season is pointless.  So here it goes for 2012:

AL East:

1. New York

2. Toronto, Wild Card

3. Tampa Bay

4. Boston

5. Baltimore

The Yankees will smash their way to the postseason with a suspect pitching staff.  The Blue Jays will surprise as they have added some quality arms.  The Rays are solid, having one of the best managers in the game.  The Red Sox will hit, but new manager Bobby Valentine will help foster some clubhouse issues.  The Orioles will have a few offensive pieces, but their pitching staff will be a mess.

AL Central:

1. Detroit

2. Chicago

3. Minnesota

4. Kansas City

5. Cleveland

The Tigers will be surprisingly average as the defense will be terrible and the pitching staff will be worse than thought.  The White Sox will be much better than people think, but they’ll be missing one or two arms.  The Twins will surprise as they are healthy and still fundamentally sound.  The Royals will be young and energetic, but their pitching will give up many games.  The Indians will be bad and unexciting.

AL West:

1. Los Angeles

2. Texas, Wild Card

3. Oakland

4. Seattle

The Angels will be very good, with the best manager in the game.  The Rangers will be a solid team with a bad manager.  The A’s will be on holding pattern until they get their new stadium.  The Mariners will be one of the worst teams in the league.

NL East:

1. Philadelphia

2. Miami, Wild Card

3. Washington

4. Atlanta

5. New York

The Phillies will be the same team from last year, only one year older.  The Marlins will be good, but not great under the inspired leadership of Ozzie.  The Nationals will be competitive but young.  The Braves will disappoint.  The Mets will be the Mets.

NL Central:

1. Milwaukee

2. St. Louis

3. Cincinnati

4. Chicago

5. Pittsburgh

6. Houston

The Brewers will dominate the division.  The Cardinals will be an average team in a below average division.  The Reds will be worse than last year.  The Cubs will be better than last year.  The Pirates will be fun to watch.  The Astros will be hard to watch.

NL West:

1. San Francisco

2. Arizona, Wild Card

3. Los Angeles

4. Colorado

5. San Diego

The Giants will pitch their way to the postseason.  The Diamondbacks will pitch their way to the postseason, too.  The Dodgers will challenge.  The Rockies will have Jamie Moyer as their second starting pitcher.  The Padres won’t have Carlos Quentin as their third starting outfielder.

World Series:

Angels over Giants

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