Boob Tube in Review: 4/2–4/8



Glee – returns next week.
Justified – As much as I dislike Limehouse, I like his 2nd in command Errol. Great Dickie Bennett and Boyd Crowder interaction. Enjoyed Quarles and the ladies scene, “Have you ever seen platoon?” “You mean the movie with all the old people that go into space?” Excellent. As much as I hate Limehouse, him knowing Boyd’s plan was excellent. Cousin Johnny and Dickie Bennett have EXCELLENT facial hair. Boyd Crowder has been excellent this episode. Oh shit, Arlo is LOSING IT. The State Trooper is an excellent minor character, he is always fantastic. Ah shit, they may have just killed him off. Thanks guys.

South Park – I had high hopes for this episode.  The last Cartman-told episode was the Woodland Critter Christmas episode, and that was epic. I think South Park is generally at its best when they go off of completely original ideas and not have them centered on holidays or current events. In the end though, it’s all good.
Ugly Americans – I don’t go out of my way to watch this show, but whenever I watch it, I enjoy it.
Modern Family – returns next week.
Happy Endings – There cold openings are usually really solid, today was no exception. Cuthbert and Coupe are both immensely attractive.  The “did you say jazzed?” sequence was why I still watch this show, besides the blondes. Not a bad wrap for Season 2, no official word on whether it’s been picked up for a 3rd season yet, but it will, it works great with Modern Family and gets good ratings.
COMMUNITY – Started off with some sweet voice over work from Keith David, excellent choice. I can’t hear his voice without thinking of Goliath from Gargoyles, I think thats a plus. Community will stick with a theme for the entire episode, in this case, I find it annoying. I do enjoy them ripping on Brita.
Awake – ask and ye shall receive AGAIN, BD wong in full force the first 3 minutes. Bird kinda morphing into Bunk from The Wire, I have NO problem with that. Man, Isaacs is starting to really lose his shit, and now Valderama is all over this piece. Little Rex has a ridiculously attractive GF, well done Rexy. Penguin. Genius. Digging the show.

Fringe – They are really building up something bad happening to Lincoln Lee.  The Cow with a FBI hat and jacket, GENIUS.  If you even remotely like Sci-Fi stuff there is no excuse for you to not be watching this show. At this point, you would need to catch up through the 3 3/4 seasons to fully appreciate and enjoy the subtler moments. God the red-hair Olivia is so much awesomer.  Alternate Lee has a SUHWEEEET fauxhawk.  His hair is equally bad as Olivia’s is good.  Testament to the actors playing the same characters with an entirely different, but believable, dynamic.  Holy hell the new shapeshifter changing mechanism is gross.  Sometimes the show can get a little caught up in making the Alternate world different, can come off pretty cornballish some times.
Fringe and Justified were so good this week it got me thinking about my favorite TV shows currently being produced. I would go with:
Game of Thrones
Modern Family
Sons of Anarchy

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