Trailers In The Bagg – March 21st

Due to the shear magnitude of trailers, I have enlisted the help of the one and only founder of this website, Chris Baggiano, to finish out the post for today.  Don’t worry I’ll be releasing a part 2 tomorrow featuring the rest of the trailers that have a certain southwest theme.

Prometheus (Full Trailer!)

On behalf of movie goers around the world I’d like to thank you, Ridley Scott, for breathing new life into the very franchise you started. I may be getting ahead of myself, okay I am – I’m excited – but this looks fantastic. The bits of plot points given here are even more enticing while watching the incredible visuals: the digital display on the sleep capsules, the crisp shot of space through the Prometheus cockpit, the breathtaking astro projection field that Michael Fassbender stands in…. (wheeze). Excuse me while take a puff from my inhaler… Oh, it’s so good. And let’s not forget about the glorious theme. This powerful tune reminds me of the trailer for Inception, and we all remember how mind blowing that was. The syncopated boom of the brass as the tension builds is so effectively done that I’m floored just by my lowly iMac speakers. The haunting “screaming(?)” that follows each BOOM only adds to the gravitas of the situation presented here. Seriously, what is that sound?

Seeing as this is a prequel, some might question the apparent technology disparities between this film and the previous Alien(s). The devices on the Prometheus ship are clearly more advanced than anything Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) ever worked with. However, can you really let something so awesome keep you from enjoying a potentially well crafted sci-fi epic? I think not. I hope not.

The Dark Shadows

It’s refreshing to see Tim Burton returning to form with a mix of his German expressionism and dated American faux pas. Granted, he typically celebrates 50’s B-monster flicks, but the introduction of 70’s pop culture is strangely compelling. I’m not sure why vampires and lava lamps are funny but it made me smirk and I’ll stand by that reaction. Burton undoubtedly has an intimate relationship with the time he started high school (the 70’s). Perhaps I shouldn’t psychoanalyze the man who brought us Beetlejuice, yet I can’t fight the feeling that a teenage Burton would have one hilariously quirky take on events of that time and I can only hope that those experiences have somehow shaped this film. In any case, this heavily comedic trailer has me scratching my head wondering how this advertising campaign will continue to shape our perceptions and get us to the theaters.

Baggs officially Bogarts the post starting…

Snow White and The Huntsman (Trailer 2)

…NOW.   This is the second “re-imagining” of a classic fairy tale that gets a sort of “maturation” (the first being Red Riding Hood) as well as being the second “re-imagining” of Snow White that is released this year (poor Tarsem Singh).  What’s not to like here though?  Aside from the special effects, which for the most part look incredibly cool (between the shattering of the knight into a million pieces and the Alex Mack-ian golden hood), there are some really awesome shots with rich colors, Charlize Theron taking a bath in white paint comes to mind.  Add the menacing bass of the “Mirror” and Ms. Theron’s voice oozing evil and it definitely gets “the heart beating…with blood.”  Although, unless we are using the word “fair” to modify skin tone (damn Kristen is WHITE), in what world is Kristen Stewart ever more fair than Charlize?

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (Trailer 2)

I haven’t read the book.  I don’t know if there is more to the story other than giving Mr. Lincoln a forum to be a complete badass.  From the trailer it doesn’t look like the movie will veer from that path either.  All I know is that ax packs a hell of a punch.  I really don’t understand the whole genre matchup fad but I guess since no one is willing to come up with their own original material it is ok to look at previously established works and stories through genre-tinted glasses.  Can’t wait for the film adaptation of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.  Hey Seth Grahame-Smith, I hate you.

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