The Walking Dead’s Mad-Lib Plots

Look, Walking Dead, we get it.  The farm is a random, untouched sanctuary in the middle of piles and piles of dead bodies.  Somehow things are quiet here, there is food aplenty (even if they wasted good chickens, which can feed you TWO ways, on zombies), and it’s as good a settlement as any.  But for god sakes, we’ve been on this blasted farm for seven episodes it is time to go.

Sure, the first half of the season was slow moving and dull.  Two episodes needed to be devoted to Carl getting his strength bar up.  That’s fine.  And then of course we need at least one more episode on the farm to watch Hershel sour on the group.  But the fact that we spent a whole two more episodes on the farm “looking” for the run away, idiot girl was ridiculous.  More ridiculous, though, is the fact that we are two episodes in the second half of the season and we are no closer to leaving this sinkhole.

It is no secret that AMC is crimping the budgets of all their shows, so clearly different sets are a premium and there are only so many forest scenes one can take as well.  However couldn’t we get a little more flavor in here.  So far this entire season has either happened on the farm or in the small, abandoned town near the farm (one part of an episode was in a school).  These are basically the same two places, they look the same and they feel the same.  It would have been nice if we could have gotten the farm and then a party split, by now (since we all know it’s coming down to that anyway) and have one half on the road again, going to different locales, seeing different sights.

Perhaps the most frustrating part is that it seems as if the writers have a distinct formula for the plot where we get this:  (character) decides to go fetch (noun) in the town.  (Character) has hurts (body part) and a decision by (different character) must be made in order to save their life.  This decision ends up enraging everyone else and must be talked about ad nauseum.  When Lori got in a car accident last week it was groan worthy.  However, when some random character, which Glen points out as having just shot at our protagonists about two minutes earlier, impales his leg on a metal fence and Rick must make a choice to save him or mercy kill him it is just sad.  If they have genuinely good reasons that they need to stay on the farm it is one thing, but when you use the same plot device, two weeks in a row no less, to keep them on the farm it is just annoying.  Please Walking Dead, for your huge (and I can only assume dwindling) fan base, get off this damned farm and let’s get these guys back on the road.

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