In Line We Trust – NFL Free Agency Day 3 Recap

This will most likely be the last daily recap of all things free agency.  Rest assured that when Peyton Manning finally does sign there will be some analysis.  Once the dam breaks all things rush out at once but now that period has subsided and all that is left is the slow flow of the river as the driftwood floats aimlessly, hoping to be signed by a contender for a discount or a bottom dweller for an inflated price.  But first day 3 must be recapped.

The big news of the day comes from the Buffalo Bills as they signed the most highly touted defensive player in this year’s free agent class (6 year, 100 mill, 50 mill guaranteed).  For anyone that wants to read a more in depth analysis of the trade go ahead and click here.  Buffalo finally got their man after a near 72 hour negotiation.  It is better to overpay for a good player than to overpay for a mediocre one, so Buffalo finally came out on top.

Elsewhere aging “best interior offensive lineman” Steve Hutchinson signed with the Tennessee Titans (3 year, 16 mill).  Many pundits felt as though this was a signing to help further along the recruitment of Peyton Manning, who put in a full work day of negotiations with the Titans on Wednesday.  Either way Hutchinson is a solid signing that should help open holes for the man the Titans made sure to placate last year, running back Chris Johnson.  Also it is believed that former Colts center, Jeff Saturday, is basically a package deal with Manning.  It’s nice to see that some facets of elementary school still can work in adulthood (just waiting for chocolate milk and french bread pizza to become a viable lunch meal again).

The New Orleans Saints didn’t waste much time mourning the loss of Carl Nicks as they replaced him with the other big name free agent offensive guard in Ben Grubbs (5 year, 36 mill, 16 mill guaranteed).  Grubbs may be 2 years older and a half-step down from Carl Nicks but the quality gap between the two is much smaller than the gap between the salaries of the two.

Those were the major signings of the day.  Still out there is of course Peyton Manning, as well as the recently cut Eric Winston and recent New York Giants hero receiver Mario Manningham.

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