Blue Mountain State – Not Bad Bro-Beans

As this is my first of many (planned) TV reviews, let me begin by telling you what I am currently watching. These are the things I DVR’d this Fall:

Monday – Terra Nova, The Playboy Club, Hawaii 5-0…… AND WE’RE OFF TO A GREAT START!!

Tuesday – Glee…. trust me I don’t JUST watch crap. Raising Hope doesn’t suck

Wednesday – South Park, Modern Family and Happy Endings. Huge soft(…) spot for Elisha Cuthbert. One episode ended with her in a yoga getup. SOLD!

Thursday – Big Bang Theory, Community, Parks and Rec, The Office, Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The League, Archer. Person of Interest wasn’t bad.

SyFyday – Fringe and Merlin. See what I did with the name of the day?

The one show you may have never heard of is Merlin, it’s a BBC show from across the pond. Most people like to give it crap for the huge bromance between the 20ish Merlin and Prince Arthur. If you are a sucker for that time period I highly recommend the show. Katie McGrath plays Morgana and she is a terrible actress but easy on the eyes. I also am a huge fan of Justified which starts on Tuesday. Anyway, that should give you a little taste of what’s to come. On to the Main Event….

So I was on Netflix the other day and it recommended I watch a show called Blue Mountain State. All that I remembered was that it came on Spike, and that’s really all you should need to know. People most often describe it as an American Pie type show. That’s not quite right. I would actually say it’s more like Animal House but everyone plays football. Let me break it down for you first.

The show follows 3 main people with usually a 4th that changed by season. The main people are Freshman QB Alex Moran, who at first is more then happy to be the back-up an do his share of  “trickle down banging”. Moran’s pal from home, fellow freshman and now mascot Sammy Cacciatore is incredibly annoying but gives the cheerleaders an excuse to be in every episode. The 3rd main person, and who makes this show a delight to watch, is Sophomore Captain linebacker Thad Castle. The first 2-3 episodes Thad is just a moronic a-hole. After that, however, he settles into being more of a likeable moron. A lot of what he says is unintentionally funny to him, usually with a homoerotic undertone. They tried the black RB in the 1st season. He didn’t come back. They tried the black QB in the 2nd season. He didn’t come back. For the 3rd season they just settled on the Coach and his smoking hot wife played by Denise Richards. Although Coach does have a role through the first two seasons as well.

Anyway, the show is just a mockery of stereotypical college football players. They are constantly partying, hooking up with chicks, breaking NCAA rules, and hilarity ensues, usually involving Thad and Alex.

In one episode they are doing a 24/7, Hard Knocks type show and Thad is trying to parlay his soon to be football stardom into an acting career. Here’s a quote he has early in the episode. “And we may forget because of all the horrible things he has done. But Bubba Smith was a real delight in those Police Academy movies!” Then he starts trying to use Jim Carrey’s catchphrases from The Mask.  His best line however is here.

Thad Castle also popularized my new favorite saying, calling all of his would-be friends “bro beans” (he was also in the top 87 in American Idol season 3). BMS is not a good show, but can be highly enjoyable if you know what you are getting yourself into.

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