Boob Tube in Review: 3/19-3/25

Alcatraz – I really enjoy the violinist serial killer. Young Sam Neill jazz game! I dislike how the go-to coming-out-of-a-coma move is for something to lie perfectly still. Boom, close up on just the eyes. pause a beat. boom, open eyes. boom, cut to black. thats overplayed.

Justified – Dude running for Sheriff is a bad ass(characters name is Shelby). Dickie Bennett’s getting out! I’ve really enjoyed Quarles’s downward spiral, especially his ending monologue of this episode. Shiteth is abouteth to hiteth the faneth.

South Park – hahahahaha the old people telling the shopping network dude to kill himself at the end was good. “You got lady balls”
Modern Family – no new.
Happy Endings – I think that’s the first episode when all 6 of them have basically been entirely together the whole time. I certainly can’t remember any other comedic shows doing or trying that.
The Office – no new
COMMUNITY – Ken Jeong is back!! Workaholics dude makes an appearance, nice little scene with him and chevy chase. Hahahaha Jeff’s run after freaking out was great.
Awake – Opening scene with Miss Tennis, show knows why people are watching. I’m enjoying this, I am curious as to where the seasons going. Any thoughts bags?

Spartacus – see next week.
Fringe – YES! For all my loyal readers who don’t know, this might be my favorite show. I really enjoy the sci-fi angle and it is probably the most “Lost” type show since its conclusion. That is, its completely original, well written and acted for the most part, and covers a myriad of genres. Damn! That dude just killed that chick was saran wrap! Not sure where he was keeping the roll of it, but he busted it out and wrapped it around this woman’s head real quick so she suffocated. John Noble, who plays the eccentric genius Walter Bishop, is absolutely amazing. His intro in this episode has him working on something with Scooby Doo in the background. So the bad guy in this episode looks like he had some serious burns all up on his dome. He gets his victims by strolling around a lake to see couples take self pics then offer to take pictures for them. I would NEVER let this guy take a picture. The “I believe you call it love” was monster cheesy and ruined what should be a really sweet moment. The Observers almost always have one of those lines if theyre in the episode.

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