Author: Chris Baggiano


The Dark Knight Rises Review

Let me preface this by saying that I am a HUGE Batman fan; I own several graphic novels, grew up on Batman: The Animated Series and had many of their toys, and just love the fact that he is a super hero whose only super power is super richness (oh Bill Gates what you could have been).

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Survival at its Fittest: Exploring the Current Post-Apocalyptic Trend

We have made quick transitions between trends in the 21st century, from savior fantasy in Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings (if you don’t think this was a trend I point you to Reign of Fire) to anything vampire (from melodramatic Twilight to melodramatic True Blood to melodramatic Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter…I’m sensing a […]

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Christmas Comes Early/Late

I know, it has been quite sometime since we’ve posted anything (since early June in fact).  And yes, that isn’t really the greatest thing for all of our loyal readers, if you exist.  But here we are with Christmas upon us and In The Bagg itching to get going again.  So here it is, beginning […]

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Goon (2011) Review

Goon is the most masterful sports movie of the past decade.  At its core, Goon transcends the sports movie genre, there is a warmth and honesty that few movies can accomplish but Goon does it exceedingly well all while wrapped up in deep fried corn dog batter that are the comical shenanigans of a minor […]

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People Don’t Change*, A Farewell to House

The final episode has aired of Fox’s House, M.D. (known simply as House) on Monday May 21st, 2012.  As with most non-wine or cheese related things, House’s final seasons weren’t its best.  Between a mental institution, finally answering the “will they/won’t they” question with his boss (they did, it ended poorly), and being incarcerated there […]

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ITB Choice Cuts: 90s Action Movies

It all started with a Friday email chain that ramped up with such ferocity that a challenge was proffered to name your Top 5 90s Action Movies.  After lengthy debates JKrengel, AlainP, JimmyTV, and Baggs have come up with their lists.  So come celebrate the days of yore when Bruce Willis still had hair, Keanu […]

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