Author: Chris Baggiano

The Baggpod 5/15/2012: Triumphant Returns

Baggs, JoeDog, AlainP, and JimmyTV round up the usual suspects in discussing the latest Game of Thrones and Mad Men episodes.  Topics include Jamie’s return, Theon’s idiocy, and everyone hating on Joffrey.  For Mad Men they discuss Betty’s pettiness, Sally handling a crappy situation with conniving aplomb, and a possible future Don v. Ginsberg showdown.

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Must See Mystery, Sherlock [BBC]

Sherlock can be seen on PBS at 9 PM EST. Sherlock is an awesome series.  Straight from across the pond the great folks at BBC have decided to produce three 90 minute TV movies based on famous Sherlock Holmes mysteries updated to modern times.  What’s not to love?  Unfortunately, due to the fact that it […]

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Avenge! The Avengers Review

Viewed in the theaters in 2D. Let’s be honest here, The Avengers was never meant to be a canonical cinematic masterpiece. Since it was first even hinted at it was always going to be one thing: spectacle.  Throw some of today’s biggest actors (and one actress) into a pot, let simmer for an hour and […]

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The Baggpod 5/8/2012: The Beatles are Coming

Baggs, JimmyTV, AlainP, and JoeDog are all back with your GoT and Mad Men recaps.  They discuss the return of Joffrey, the changes from the books, and how awesome Tywin and Arya are together.  Meanwhile in Mad Men the buzz is all about a rainy episode that all culminates in an actual Beatles song!

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Reason #37 to Catch-up on NBC’s Community

An excellent scene from Community’s best season (so far), in which the study group is playing a little advanced dungeons and dragons with an ancillary character.  Nothing better than shape changing to “faaaaaattt” and giving someone some “fat news”.

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The Baggpod 5/3/2012 Part 2: What’s Old is New

Baggs, JimmyTV, and U-Gene continue their marathon pod with a trip back into the future as they talk about the quality of Battlestar Galactica before launching into part of NBC’s current Thursday night lineup.  Admiral Adama and Abed, what more could you ask for?

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