The Most Wonderful Time of the Year?

As we begin the yearly transformation from lion to lamb, the eternal question for sports fans rears its ugly head: which is the greatest sports month of the year?  Only a few make the cut and each will be given its time in the sun.

February – We start out with the single biggest annual sporting event in the Super Bowl, the culmination of an entire NFL season.  NCAA Basketball conference races heat up.  The NBA and NHL celebrate their best players with “exciting” weekends, but the most important events of the weekend happen behind the scenes as GMs chat each other up in preparation for the upcoming trade deadlines (although the NHL’s deadline sometimes comes in March).  Baseball also begins its thaw as pitchers and catchers report.

March – NCAA Basketball regular season ends, morphs into crazy back-to-back-to-back conference tournaments as everyone is gunning for a spot in the NCAA Tourney, which also gets under way.  The playoff push for NBA and NHL teams really ramps up.  The MLB gets back on the field for some fan friendly spring training.

April – NCAA Basketball finally ends in its Final Four weekend.  MLB’s Opening Day is a great event and the long odyssey begins.  NHL and NBA playoffs usually begin.  And of course ecstasy and heartbreak comes in the form of the NFL Draft.

September – Football retakes its throne after the lengthy hiatus, both NCAA and NFL.  The MLB playoff push happens as well.  For fans of footie, every major league has either begun, or will begin in September as well (sorry MLS).

October – The MLB’s grand journey finally comes to a close in the form of playoffs and the World Series.  NCAA Football begins conference play.  NFL is still going strong.  The NHL begins its regular season and the NBA makes sure to debut right around Halloween.

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