The BagLeague is a fantasy football league that was founded in 2004, under the moniker League du Bagman.  It features many quirky rules that don’t exist in your standard ff league such as: starting two QBs every week and all QB TDs are worth 6 points; only one required RB start; individual defensive players that get points for (among other things) tackle assists, passes defended, tackles for loss; the ability to trade waiver position as well as other things.  The BagLeague will be starting it’s 9th season for the 2012 season and we are always looking to improve the league.

Below you will find stats from 2007–2011, 2007 being the first year we kept stats.  You will also find the BagLeague Fantasy Dictionary (or BFD) where the most common terms the league uses, in both message boards and BSAPodcasts, are defined.  Please note that these are terms that have evolved over years of the league and while some may be actual words the BFD defines them as they are used in the BagLeague.



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