The Baggpod 5/22/2012: Playing the Game

Baggs, JimmyTV, JoeDog and AlainP discuss the actual playing of the game of thrones, how/if the allotted time to Robb Stark’s romance could have been better spent, and get excited for everything to pop off.  After JimmyTV loses the game, the other three talk about Mad Men and the possibility of Don needing to flirt […]

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The Baggpod 4/3/12 – Let the Mad Gaming Begin


Baggs, JimmyTV, JoeDog, and – for the first time ever – Alain discuss the second season premier of Game of Thrones.  Once Jimmy takes his leave the guys go into Mad Men’s first 3 episodes of season 5 and discuss what they believe to be the overarching themes and some deliciously hilarious stuff.  Me thinks […]

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