Author: U-gene


Mayweather-Cotto Lives Up To The Hype

Saturday night’s match-up between Floyd “Money” Mayweather, and Miguel Cotto did not disappoint. As expected Money Mayweather remained unbeaten, picking up another belt in the process. Less than expected was the tough opposition put up by Cotto who battled through all 12 rounds. While many boxing fans, and the public at large had hoped to […]

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Can We Learn From Controversy?

Did anyone ever think Ozzie Guillen would apologize for anything? I certainly didn’t. If you somehow missed it, Ozzie Guillien commented that he “respected” former Cuban leader Fidel Castro, in particular because he had survived so many assasination attempts. Following those comments, an uproar ensued from anti-Castro Cubans, most of whom are based in Miami. […]

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The Media v. Gregg Williams

Assuming there are no yet-to-be-released videos of Gregg Williams diagraming the best way to concuss an opponent, the Saints bounty story should fade into the background of the sports media cycle until draft day. If the media coverage of the Saints controversy tells us anything its the absolute dominance of football in the sporting landscape. […]

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